What is it, what does it?

KTeXShell is a KDE shell around TeX, LaTeX and the related programs, such as makeindex. It does not introduce any WYSIWYG functionality to TeX (use KLyX instead for that), but it provides the user with a “control center” for the TeX software, so that the cycle “edit, compose, view” is easily done with a few mouse clicks.

At the moment the following features are available:

  • TeX, Editor, Viewer... are called from menu or toolbar
  • new primary files can be generated from templates
  • TeX formats, editors and viewers can be freely configured as well as template- and working directory
  • in case of TeX errors, an error handlig dialog helps you to proceed
  • integrated tools: at present makeindex and dvips for printing

For further information, you can browse the online documentation here.

To have an idea of the user interface, see the screenshots of the main window and the configuration dialog.

The software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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