The latest news about KTeXShell

23 Mar 2001
After a long time, now the version 0.4.0 is released. For now it does not introduce new features (which will be available hopefully soon), but it will compile with KDE2 and contains some bugfixes and KDE2-related modifications. The main conversion work was done by Georg Baum, many thanks to him!

24 Oct 2000
Today I got two new RPMs from Rex Dieter: The first one is an updated binary RPM for version 0.2.3p2, the second is an initial source RPM,also covering the same software version. You can download them as usual at the download page.
Stay tuned for version 0.2.4, which will introduce improved print support and PostScript preview.

19 Oct 2000
Two new packages are available: A bugfix version of the source tarball, that fixes compile problems on some egcs systems, and a Redhat binary RPM. See the download page to get the software.

17 Oct 2000
First public release with version number 0.2.3p1.
The software is considered beta due to some still missing or poor configurable functionality, but for the basic tasks (edit, compile, makeindex, view, print) you can use it just fine.

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